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A perfectionist from the moment she was born in Lisbon to her 21 years living in India, Nalini Elvino de Sousa has a science background and consequently, she likes her work precise – no mistakes. She takes note of everything. Unfortunately, with a head full of ideas, you may just lose track of your direction. That’s where Namitha Nair comes in. Born and brought up in Goa, she is the compass. She is a quick learner and a jack of all trades, her main agenda: to get work done, regardless of the how and why, much like her business background would indicate. She plays it by ear with last minute plans that have a way of working out.

“Jobs fill your pocket, but
adventures fill your soul.”

- Jamie Lyn Beatty Thi

We see languages as more than just a means of communication, we see it as a way of understanding different cultures. Without language how could one talk to people? Understand their hope and aspirations, become familiar with their stories? Through our videos we hope to help you understand the rich culture of Goa, but also to explore and understand different cultures all around the world, from our perspectives as two individuals with completely different backgrounds, from the little state we know as Goa. 

Our Vision

Meet Our Team

Nalini Elvino De Sousa | Travel n Learn Goa
Nalini Elvino De Sousa

Nalini is a person with a vision and a mission. She delves wholeheartedly into projects concerning education and media. She has directes, anchors and produces episodes for RTPi, a Portuguese international channel and produces short films and series for local television under the Lotus Films & TV Production banner. However, what she is passionate about more than anything else, is teaching Portuguese. She has taught this language in many Higher Secondary schools and now she teaches at Communicare Trust.

Namitha Nair | Travel n Learn Goa | Learn Portuguese | Learn Konkani | Goa
Namitha Nair

Namitha Nair is a business management graduate from Goa University. She has worked with major MNC’s like Accenture, Altisource, KIMS hospital and in different cities like Kochi and Pune. Tired of the 9-6 routine and repetitive work life she decided to join Communicare in 2013 and has been a part ever since. Monotony has been her enemy forever and hence to break the predictable life she decided to pursue videography. Today, she has shot numerous interviews for Portuguese National Television RTPi, documentaries, music videos, YouTube etc. Namitha refers herself to as a ‘Multipotentialite’ as she dons many hats that of a videographer, editor, model and a project manager. She loves animals, food, fitness, music and travel.   

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